Unveiling the Blooming Beauty: 2023 Wedding Flower Trends and Preservation Options

As the seasons change, so do the trends in the world of weddings. In 2023, wedding flower arrangements will continue to enchant with their elegance, creativity, and unique touches. From bold color palettes to sustainable choices, this blog post will delve into the latest wedding flower trends for the year. Additionally, we'll explore the importance of floral preservation, allowing couples to cherish their blooms long after the wedding day.

  1. Captivating Color Palettes: In 2023, couples will embrace vibrant and unexpected color palettes to make a bold statement. These eye-catching color combinations not only enhance the beauty of floral arrangements but also create lasting memories for the couple. Consider professionally preserving a small bouquet or individual blooms from your wedding to capture the essence of the colors that defined your special day.

  2. Sustainable and Locally Sourced Blooms: With a growing emphasis on eco-conscious choices, sustainable and locally sourced blooms will be in the spotlight. Incorporating seasonal flowers not only reduces environmental impact but also offers an opportunity for preservation. By selecting flowers that dry well, such as lavender, baby's breath, or eucalyptus, you can easily preserve them to create unique keepsakes.

  3. Ethereal and Airy Designs: In 2023, there will be a shift towards ethereal and airy floral designs, evoking a sense of romance and softness. 

  4. Texture and Movement: Floral arrangements in 2023 will incorporate texture and movement to create dynamic and visually captivating displays.

  5. Statement Installations: Dramatic floral installations will continue to be a trend, making a statement and becoming a centerpiece of the wedding decor. While preserving large-scale installations may be challenging, you can still preserve individual blooms or elements from these installations using the Bouquet Preservation Kit. 

  6. Unique Floral Accents: Couples will seek to personalize their wedding flower arrangements by incorporating unique floral accents. When preserving these distinctive touches, consider using resin encapsulation. This technique allows you to preserve small floral elements, such as feathers, dried grasses, or even citrus slices, within a three dimensional medium. 

2023 brings forth an array of exciting wedding flower trends that celebrate individuality, sustainability, and artistic expression. As you explore these trends and incorporate them into your wedding day, remember the significance of preserving your blooms. Whether it's through traditional drying methods, pressing, or encapsulation, floral preservation allows you to cherish and relive the beauty of your wedding flowers for years to come. Let these trends inspire you to create unforgettable floral displays and meaningful keepsakes that will forever remind you of the blooming beauty that adorned your special day.