Your Flowers, Forever.®

Bouquet Preservation Kit


Easily transform your wedding flowers into a timeless keepsake with our DIY Bouquet Preservation Kit. Perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and beginners, this kit offers a unique and enjoyable way to bond and relive your special moments.

It’s more than just preserving flowers—it’s about creating new, joyful memories while celebrating the old ones so that your love may always remain in bloom! 

We’ll provide all the components necessary for preserving your flowers and transforming them into a special wedding day keepsake. Included are also simple, step-by-step instructions! However, The Bouquet Preservation Kit is BYOB - Bring Your Own Bouquet. ;)

Oh, and a pair of scissors!

2 - Step by Step Instructions
2 - Packets of SleepSand™
1 - Casting Mold
3 - Packets of Casting Medium
1 - Bamboo Tweezer
1 - Bamboo Bubble Popper
3 - Disposable Gloves
3 - Wet Wipes
1 - Sanding Pad
1 - Polishing Cloth