Will it last forever?

Unlike storing your wedding bouquet in a keepsake box for it to mold (yikes!) or older methods of bouquet preservation like freeze drying (hello, 90's!), your bouquet will be preserved and displayable as art in your home, forever. For extra protection, the materials used to create your art contain UV stabilizers for efficient long term yellowing protection.  


Will you use all of my bouquet?

We carefully prep each of the florals from your bouquet prior to the design and preservation process. From your prepped bouquet, select florals are chosen to be a part of the final piece. This is in part due to the tricky nature of flower preservation as well as the overall design aesthetic. However, we do love packaging your final piece using some remaining, loose elements of your bouquet that were not used in your artwork - as a special little touch! 


Do I have any input in the design?

Of course!  We want to hear about your wedding day and all of the special little details that made it uniquely yours. While our artist ultimately makes the final creative choices, your piece is handmade with your input and wedding day foremost in mind.


how long will this process take?

From the date of your wedding, it will take about 8-12 weeks to receive your final wedding bouquet artwork. For details, see our process timeline.


what size is it?

Please take a look at the individual product pages for specific sizing information.


Where should I display it?

We recommend displaying your artwork somewhere that you can enjoy it daily and on a surface that is out of the reach of small hands and pets. Please do avoid bright windows and direct sunlight on your artwork for optimal protection.


How do i take care of it?

Although the finished product is quite durable, it should be treated gently and with care. Keeping your artwork beautiful is very simple. Please use a lintless cloth (sunglass cloth) to keep it looking its very best! Please also avoid direct or harsh sunlight on your artwork (away from a window).


do you make non-wedding botanical art?

If you are interested in collaborating on a project or have something specific in mind, we would love to hear from you. Send us a message using our contact form.