Bouquet Care Tips

Caring for your bouquet on your wedding day and through send-off  to our studio is the most important factor in the final outcome of your floral preservation art. Though we can use our expertise to halt floral aging once your blooms arrive at our studio, we can not reverse existing signs of it. Some signs of floral aging consist of browning and/or wilting. Although florals are organic in nature and some degree of wear is to be expected and appreciated, you can keep your flowers looking and feeling their very best for preservation by following our care tips and shipment instructions.



Most importantly, enjoy every moment of your special day!


Your blooms are delicate. Avoid touching the petals, bumping or dropping your bouquet.


If you’re planning a bouquet toss, consider using a secondary bouquet to avoid damaging your primary one. Over-handling in this way should be avoided.


We know just how busy you’ll be on your wedding day! For some assistance, assign your bouquet to a trusted family member or friend who can keep it safe so you can relax and enjoy your day.


Once you are done enjoying your bouquet on your wedding day, get it into a vase of water and in a cool place indoors until right before you pack and ship it. Do not pack it until you are ready to ship it out.

Pro tip: Snip the ends of your floral stems (at an angle) the day after your wedding and place them back in a vase with water. This will help them soak up the most moisture before shipping them off. 



Find a cardboard box that is slightly larger than your bouquet. You can use a cardboard box that you may have laying around from all of your wedding festivities or you can find one at your local post office! Avoid a box that is too small, as you don’t want to squish your delicate blooms.

Remove succulents and all sentimental keepsakes from your bouquet (like charms, special ribbon/fabric, etc). We are unable to preserve these specific items and they are easily lost in shipment and preservation.

Wrap the stems of your bouquet in damp paper towels to provide moisture while in transit. You can also ask your florist for water tubes to place on some or all of your stems for optimal hydration. Please be sure to wrap the tubes once placed to ensure they don’t leak while traveling.

Gently and loosely cover/wrap your bouquet with tissue paper. Do not wrap or seal your bouquet in any type of plastic material, as this causes blooms to decompose quickly.

If you reserved multiple artworks, please add extra florals (like a bridesmaid bouquet, table arrangement, etc) to your package to ensure we have plenty of healthy and happy florals to choose from for preservation.


Lay your bouquet into the box.

Use packing material of your choice (tissue paper, packing peanuts, etc) to fill in the areas around the bouquet in the box to help protect it from moving around too much during shipping.


Print the prepaid shipping label from this email, adhere it to the outside of your cardboard box and take it to your nearest USPS within 24-48 hours post wedding day. Sending your bouquet out within this timeframe is crucial to your blooms health.

Pro tip: No one cares about your special flowers quite as much as you do. From our experience, we do not recommend leaving your venue or friends in charge of sending out your bouquet - even though we know they are well intentioned!

Note: your pre-paid label will allow for up to a 5 pound shipment and must be sent via USPS directly - not UPS, FedEx, or other common carriers. Your label is also valid for any “large” package, which USPS considers as anything greater than 12” on any and all sides. Although it is a very rare occurrence, if you experience any trouble at USPS with them accepting your label, please be sure to ask for another representative’s help or even the manager, who may be more familiar with these types of shipping labels. We’ve received thousands of bouquets over the years using these labels and they are widely accepted.


Once your bouquet arrives safely to our studio, you will receive email notification from us formally confirming it’s arrival as well as details on next steps! You can also watch your bouquet travel to us by using the tracking number provided on your USPS label.


Please send us a message at with any questions. We can’t wait to receive your bouquet and to create some floral magic with you! Thank you for your trust with something so special.