Welcome, flower friend! We're so excited to create this additional ring holder alongside you with your special blooms. 

Before we get started:
Have you already started and completed your main Bouquet Preservation Kit (Ring Holder Edition)? If not, please pause here and put aside this Ring Holder Add-On pack until you do so.

Completing the main Bouquet Preservation Kit (Ring Holder Edition) will set the foundation for your knowledge. Afterwards, completing your second ring holder will be a piece of wedding cake! ;)

Getting Started

Materials Needed:

  • Preserved florals from the Bouquet Preservation Kit
  • Scissors 

An Overview

No1 Set Up & Get Ready

No2 Layer One: Prep, Pour, Pop, Place, Pause

No3 Layer Two: Prep, Pour, Pop, Place, Pause

No4 Layer Three: Prep, Pour, Pop, Place, Pause

No5 Set a Reminder: Prep, Pour, Pop, Place, Pause

No6 Complete Your Ring Holder


Do work in a well ventilated area.

Don't ingest any of the products included in The Kit.

Do rinse eyes thoroughly if they come in contact with Casting Medium.

Don't keep within reach of children or pets.

Do only use The Kit as intended.

Don't use The Kit without following the detail instructions that have been provided.

Do make sure your working space is roughly room temperature.

Set Up

Set your Casting Mold upright inside of the mold cavity within the Casting Tray. Please use the Casting Tray from your Bouquet Preservation Kit.

Layer One


Wearing the disposable gloves provided, hold one packet of the Casting Medium with your hands. Firmly pull outwards to remove the dividing clip. 

Next, Gently massage the Casting Medium inside of the packet until it is fully mixed together. Mixing for approximately 90 seconds should be sufficient, but you will know the Casting Medium is evenly mixed when there are no visible "swirls" seen within the liquid.


Holding the packet upright and using scissors, carefully snip off a corner of your Casting Medium package. 

Pour all of the Casting Medium directly into your mold.

Be careful not to spill of dribble Casting Medium on the surface you are working on, your clothes or skin. If you do, quickly wipe it up or thoroughly wash it off.


Bubbles are our friend and are a natural part of the creation process! However, we want to do our best to eliminate as many bubbles as possible for the smoothest, clearest cast.

Using the Bubble Popper, pop the bubble that may have appeared at the tip of your Casting Mold. You might not see any and that is ok! We designed our Casting Medium to be as bubble-resistant as possible. 


Using your tweezers, select and carefully place + position your favorite floral elements inside of your first layer of Casting Medium within your mold.

Keep in mind that your ring holder mold is currently upside down, which allows you to place flowers inside of it. This knowledge can be helpful to keep in mind when choosing and arranging flowers.

Do not crowd or overfill your ring holder mold with floral material. For the best outcome, give your chosen floral elements a little bit of breathing room inside of your mold so that they can be appreciated and admired.

Using scissors, carefully trim away any floral elements that extend beyond the top of the mold. Ultimately, you want to fully incase your florals in the Casting Medium, so you want to make sure that your florals fit within the defined perimeter of your mold and nothing is "sticking out."

*Use an included wipe to keep your Bubble Popper, Tweezers, and scissors clean between each use. After wiping, return your Bubble Popper and Tweezers to the Casting Tray for use in future layers. Do not set sticky tools on any other surface.


Now that your first layer of Casting Medium has been poured, bubbles have been popped and flowers have been placed, you are going to wait a minimum of 2.5 hours before pouring your second layer of casting medium. This wait time allows your Casting Medium to begin its curing + hardening process and properly secures your flowers in place.

Layer Two

It's time to create the second layer of your ring holder.

Simply repeat the 'Prep, Pour, Pop, Place (optional), Pause" steps above.

Layer Three

It's time to create the third and final layer of your ring holder. Note that you will not place any florals in this step!

Simply repeat the 'Prep, Pour, Pop, Pause" steps above.

Set a Reminder

Set a reminder on your smartphone to remove your ring holder from its mold in 48 hours. You can wait longer than 48 hours if the reminder goes off at a time that is not convenient for you. It will not harm your ring holder.


Remove your ring holder from the mold by gently peeling the edges of the mold away from the tea light itself. Once you have loosened up the mold, you can pinch your tea light with your thumb and index finger and pull it directly off of your mold. It's not fragile to touch, don't worry!

Using the provided Sanding Pad, gently sand the bottom edges so that they are smooth and your ring holder sits evenly. Do not use the Sanding Pad on any other parts of your ring holder, as to prevent scratches or damage.

Use the provided Polishing Cloth to keep your ring holder looking its very best. The Polishing Cloth can help wipe away and surface smudges, like fingerprints or dust. 

You Did It!

Thank you for your trust with something so special! We hope that each time you use your ring holder you are reminded of the love and joy you felt on your wedding day.

Photo Op

As a small business, and floral-fanatics, we'd absolutely love to see what you created. Give your ring holder a well-deserved photo op and tag us on social media! #soilandsoulkit