Soil & Soul Studio

For the Ring - Add on


New bling? This ring holder is hand-crafted using bits of your wedding bouquet. Designed to hold your engagement and wedding band. Your rings and this holder were meant to be together!

Size: 2.5"x1.5" (approximately). 

matte finish

Due to the small dimensions of the ring holder, we recommend that it is accompanied by the "For the Bride" artwork, to ensure the full essence of your bouquet is optimally captured. 

Artwork images are for example purposes only. Each artwork is custom-made for every Bride! 


We’ll provide step-by-step instructions, and you’ll need a few things, too. Make sure you have your bouquet and a pair of scissors (or shears). You’ll also need a safe space to store your kit during the preservation process. Oh, and a little excitement is a must.

2 - Step by Step Instructions
2 - Packets of SleepSand™
1 - Casting Mold
3 - Packets of Casting Medium
1 - Bamboo Tweezer
1 - Bamboo Bubble Popper
3 - Disposable Gloves
3 - Wet Wipes
1 - Sanding Pad
1 - Polishing Cloth